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Boondock Enterprises Fruit Syrups

Delicious syrups made from scratch right here in Minnesota from our due north Minnesota friends at Boondock Enterpises with only the best natural ingredients. 


* Pancakes stacked high at the breakfast table on a Sunday morning are made complete when your family finds a selection of whole fruit syrups near at hand. These real fruit syrups are scrumptious on pancakes, waffles or french toast. We love to add Butter Pecan, Red Rhubarb or Strawberry Syrup to ice cream, turning an ordinary dessert dish into a delicacy guests clamor for. Other family favorites include swirling Apple Cinnamon or Blackberry Syrup in breakfast oatmeal, Blueberry Syrup over yogurt or Triple Berry Syrup in a smoothie for extra flavor? Each bottle of our homemade whole fruit syrup is loving processed right here on our farm without the use of insecticides, pesticides or chemical preservatives. Every single piece of our organically grown fruit is lovingly harvested and processed using family recipes that have been handed down over the generations. We try to ensure each 10 oz bottle of our homemade syrup is full of all natural fruit and berries because we believe your family deserves the same delicious delights our family has been enjoying for years on our little farm. *

Boondock Enterprises Fruit Syrups

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