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Boondock Enterprises Fruit Shrubs

Delicious and refreshing fruit and herb shrubs made from Boonock Enterrises sue north in Swatara, Minnesota. Use as a flavor in your cocktails, combine with sparkling water or club soda for a refreshing beverage. Shrubs can also be combined with olive oil, etc to make a flavorful vinargette or marinate. 


(from Boondocks) - "A fruit shrub (aka drinking vinegar) can trace it's roots back to American colonial days and we use many of the same processes our ancestors did when producing this delightful mixture of sweet and tart. Using small batch practices, every single piece of our sun-ripened fruit is lovingly harvested from our orchards and processed with minimal, natural ingredients because we believe your family deserves the same delicious delights our family has enjoyed for years on our little farm. These ingredients are integrated over a period of time (several weeks), resulting in a sensory delight of acidity, tartness and sweetness - all found in just one sip."

Boondock Enterprises Fruit Shrubs

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