Wealthy apples

The first Minnesota native. Wealthy apples are soft, juicy and juicy with some interesting background notes of berries. A good all around apple for eating, drying, sauce and most definitely some baked autumn and winter treats.


You might call this the Minnesota apple that started it all. Apples didn't always grow so well in our harsh upper midwest climate. Then around 1853, a  self-taught horticulturist by the name of Peter Gideon set up shop on a 160 acre farm near Excelsior, Minnesota on the south shore of Lake Minnetonka. After several years of what would make for a gut-wrenching historical biopic, Gideon had one surviving crab tree and a few dollars to his name. He sent it all to Bangor, Maine for a few apple seeds and scions (shoots), and through clever cultivating and sheer determination, the Wealthy apple  was born, (named after Gideon''s wife, Mrs Wealthy Gideon).  We are proud to have this heirloom piece of Minnesota history growing right here at Applecrest.

Wealthy apples



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